HashCalc 2.02.00337 免安裝版

Posted on 八月 14, 2007. Filed under: [Vista-32-bit], [免安裝], 檔案工具 |

MD5 檢驗雜湊函數產生器HashCalc,它支援包括常見的 MD5 等,十幾種的雜湊演算法,簡單來說,你可以利用此工具,針對你的程式、檔案或圖片,產生一段獨一無二的檢查碼,將它記錄下來,下次在網路上發現你的作品時,核對一下你原本的檢查碼,便可以馬上判斷檔案是否有被竄改!相信還有很多方面可以應用喔~(阿榮

A fast and easy-to-use calculator that allows to compute message digests, checksums and HMACs for files, as well as for text and hex strings. It offers a choice of 13 of the most popular hash and checksum algorithms for calculations.

*Support of 12 well-known and documented hash and checksum algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2( 256, 384, 512), RIPEMD-160, PANAMA, TIGER, ADLER32, CRC32.
*Support of a custom hash algorithm (MD4-based) used in eDonkey and eMule applications.
*Support of 2 modes of calculations: HASH/CHECKSUM and HMAC.
*Support of 3 input data formats: files, text strings and hex strings.
*Work with large size files. (Tested on file sizes up to 15 GB).
*Drag-and-drop support.
*Quick and simple installation.
*Calculates hash/checksum and HMAC for files of any type: music, audio, sound, video, image, icon, text, compression, etc., with the extensions: .mp3, .wav, .avi, .mpg, .midi, .mov, .dvd, .ram, .zip, .rar, .ico, .gif, .pif, .pic, .tif, .tiff, .txt, .doc, .pdf, .wps, .dat, .dll, .hex, .bin, .iso, .cpp, .dss, .par, .pps, .cue, .ram, .md5, .sfv, etc.

[阿榮牌免安裝版] MD5:d2949ea7d042a3a0aae9cbacc174a79b


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