Resizors 1.1.0 R1

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圖片縮放程式 – Resizors,一般如果要放大圖片又不想看到失真部分話,就得靠一些會特殊演算法處理的程式來轉換了,現在市面上有一個叫做 Photozoom PRO2(原名S-Spline),就是專門處理圖片放大去失真、鋸齒的工具,其中運用的 S-Spline 是有申請過專利的,因此 Photozoom 並非免費,而且要價 €149 約等於台幣 7000 元,Resizor 也是專門處理圖片縮放去失真的工具,免費!

放大圖片的部分因為 Photozoom 有他們獨有的 S-Spline XL 演算法技術,因此 Resizor 略遜一籌是可以想見的!而縮小圖片的部分,Resizor 使用了最新的 Seam Carving 技術,可以在縮小圖片的同時保留圖片細節,這是小畫家做不到的事;在介面上,因為這個程式是 2007 年十月才誕生,最近一次發佈新版是在 12 月中,與 Photozoom 相較之下當然陽春了點,可以調整的參數也較少,圖片處理結果的檢視一點不方便,不過對於一般簡單圖片縮放,這個綠色程式就很夠用了,而且效果絕對不會太差,圖片支援 BMP、JPG、PNG、TIF、PNM,這些都是常見的圖片格式,
未來將會支援 Mac OS X/Linux。(alvine 推薦)

Resizor is a free software for high-quality image resizing and retargeting.

Want to make a big picture smaller? Or a small picture bigger? That’s what Resizor is made for.

It also features a recently published image retargeting technique called seam carving. This allows you to change the size of the image without changing the content by removing areas of low importance. Check out am impressive demo video by the scientists who invented this technique if you want to learn more about it.

But Resizor also offers conventional resizing via resampling using a variety of filters, some of them offering quality even superior to industry standard Adobe® Photoshop®.

In fact, as a Photoshop user you will feel right at home, since the intuitive interface closely resembles its counterpart in your favorite software.
In addition, you get a full-size preview, so you can be sure that you find out which resampling filter offers the highest possible quality. You can tweak the settings as often as you want to, Resizor will always use the original image as a source for its computations.


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