Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition 2.00.5011 中文版

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虛擬還原卡 – Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition,大家比較常聽的大概就是硬體還原卡,而這個軟體的功能就是類似還原卡,安裝的時候會產生一個虛擬的磁碟分割區,利用「Protection Mode」切換保護功能的開關,在「ON」的狀態下,所有對於 C 分割區的變更在重新開機的時候都會失效,在「OFF」的狀態下則無作用,切換「Protection Mode」時都會重新開機,支援的作業系統有 XP/ 2003 Server/ Vista 32-bit,個人版僅供家庭用戶或個人使用,如果家裏的小孩喜歡在電腦上亂搞,用這個軟體,把「Protection Mode」開在 ON,就讓他隨便玩吧!

如果臨時想要對系統進行保護,而又不想開機,可以馬上選取〔Session Lock〕,例如:阿榮現在想玩一些奇奇怪怪的軟體,而又不想讓他存在我的電腦上,這個功能就相當好用!重新開機後剛剛做了什麼動作,它都忘得一乾二淨了!(迷幻藥嗎?…)而且,Session Lock 功能已自動關閉!(阿榮RVS free

[2007.09.27] 由於 1.62.4107 Final 版尚未有設定介面密碼的功能,所以釋出 Beta 版!
[2008.03.21] 安裝前可以選擇中文版!2.x 版有一年試用限制(圖二),這哪算免費軟體!?如果很在乎這一點,請改抓 1.x 舊版,沒有期限。

Returnil Virtual System is a powerful technology that clones a copy of your System Partition in memory and can create a file based Virtual Partition where you can save documents, data, and files while using the System Protection feature. Returnil Virtual System protects your computer from harmful viruses, Spyware and unwanted programs, preserves your computer settings, and ensures your Internet Privacy. Simply restart your computer to erase all changes.

When the Returnil protection is ON, your Windows system is running on a virtual partition meaning that every single change in the system partition actually takes place in memory. Therefore, all data and modifications will be lost after your system reboots. By restarting you PC, Returnil will discard all attempted changes made to your System Partition while Protection is ON.

When the Returnil Protection is OFF, you can install or remove any programs, create documents, install security upgrades and software patches, alter configurations, and update user accounts. All changes in the system partition will remain following a reboot.

[1.70.7502 英文版] [教學] [免費版與付費版功能比較] 關鍵字:影子系統、RVS

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